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Drone Photography Boston

The first attempt at drones was in the mid 19th century with cameras in the balloons, rockets, and kites. The history of drones dovetails with the last century of human technology. Drones are a celebration because they have an excellent ability to capture unique vantage points to reveal the world's unseen beauty. They are the only latest development that is easily acquirable by the public.

Typical industry applications of drone technology

  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Property management
  • Event coverage
  • Travel and tourism
  • Security
  • Aviation
  • Film

Reasons people are choosing a Boston aerial photographer


Drones easily reach the same height as helicopters to take pictures at the same altitude. It is safer to opt for an aerial photography company in Boston MA
than risk falling or other fatal risks of working on an open helicopter.

Environmentally friendly

Most drones run on batteries and do not emit any carbon emissions. Boston drone aerial photo and video are better alternatives to traditional shots by flying a fixed-wing or helicopter.


Drones are the only devices that will access small areas that are otherwise feasible. They can fly around buildings, tunnels, and other restrictive spaces to get the unachievable aerial photo. It is easy to take aerial shots with a drone while switching between different panning, framing, and other continuous shots.

Concentrated production

Drones are the alternative option to helicopters for many reasons, including their minimal operational noise. They have almost zero downwashes when changing direction. It is more peaceful to capture the best quality of an event using a drone than the disruptive helicopter.


The drone needs minimal preparation time because it will start taking shots within at least five minutes of switching it. It is a smarter choice than a drone because it requires minimal manning, preparation, and landing window in a catastrophe.

Why choose our drone photography in Boston?

FAA certification presents us with the remote Pilot ID card for the protection of our creative freedom.

Diversified staff

Out drone company has several different talents that work seamlessly to maintain the best drone service in Boston. We are keen on each shot's quality to ensure the most productive marketing, photo editing, and company development. The practice of merging our skills allows us to offer clients comprehensive drone photography packages.

Creative flexibility

Our Boston photography firm showcases powerful creativity by mixing many aerial shots for a healthy blend of creativity. The productions may include a full and seamless view of the product or a steady blast of gliding footage.

Demo reels

The review of demo reels by our aerial photographer in Boston will give you a quick feel of our style. Go with the one that matches your needs, and remember that we are qualified to mix all themes for custom production.

Continued research

Research and preparation is the key to a successful drone project. OTBXAir employs a range of research methods to ensure the best creative blend. We use this technique religiously to offer consistent foolproof creativity in all scenarios. Do you want to benefit from our quality drone photography in Boston? Contact our camera specialist on 617-804-1252 for more details on our easy aerial photography production. 

Drone Photography Boston
OTBx Air - Boston
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Drone Photography Boston
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Drone Photography Boston Drone Photography Boston
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